FAMAG 1000.31

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Kettle, Tilly (1734/5-1786): A Naval Officer, signed, oil on canvas, 75 cms x 62.5 cms.

About the frame

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British ‘Maratta’ style frame with ribbon-&-stave, plain scotia, and beading at sight edge; gilded finish. This is not the original frame and may be a replica, late nineteenth-/early twentieth-century frame, as it is rather narrow for the painting.

About the Artist

Tilly Kettle was born in London ans studied at Shipley's St Martin's Lane, and the Duke of Richmond's Academy. He met Sir Joshua Reynolds in the early 1750s and was greatly influenced by his painting style. By 1760 Kettle was working as a professional portraitist and was a remarkably competent and sympathetic painter. From 1769 to 1776 he lived in India where he acquired a considerable fortune painting nabobs and native princes. He returned to England where he was married but his practice declined and he became bankrupt. He died near Aleppo while returning to India to recoup his fortune.