FAMAG 2017.4.4

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"Calum Beeson from the Camborne School of Mines brought mineral samples from their collection including cassiterite mined in St. Agnes. All who saw tehm were surprised and delighted by these extraordinary treasures from under the earth. IN this print we have imagined our own 'jewel from the earth' hoping to capture something of that magic as we were first shown them."

Over the summer of 2016 Bernard Irwin and Jesse Leroy Smith embarked on a remarkable journey through the mining landscapes and heritage of Cornwall and West Devon. As they traveled they were joined along the way by t a host of artists, mining experts and enthusiasts, geologists, historians, archivists, book conservators, school children and members of the public. Each one contributed, through their participation, to the richness of experience and the depth of content so evident in all the artworks created along the way. All of this activity culminated in the creation of the suite of ten copper plate etchings made under the expert guidance of John Howard at his Penryn print studio. The final ten etchings are presented in handmade presentation boxes constructed by Elizabeth Neville & Louis Bauress & two Heritage Lottery Funded conservation trainees, Keira McKee ann Rhea Evers, in collaboration with the artists and St. Justin Jewellers.