Bowen, Donald (born 1917)

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Bowen was born in London in 1917 and went on to study at Sloane School. Prior to World War 2 he continued his studies at Chelsea School of Art with Austin Osman Spare. Between 1940-47 he served in the army, after which he studied at Byam Shaw School of Drawing and Painting until 1951, achieving a National Diploma of Design.

1952-53 Bowen was employed as a draughtsman at the stained-glass studios of Whitefriars Glass Works, mainly working on the heraldic windows for the Great Hall at Lincoln?s Inn. 1953 Bowen joined the staff of the Commonwealth Institute, Kensington, serving as the curator of the art gallery till his retirement in 1979.

From 1950s Bowen concentrated on topographical drawing, focusing on landscape and townscape scenes both in and around London and abroad.