Osborn(e), William Evelyn (1868-1906)

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William Evelyn Osborn was born in London, the eldest son Edward M. and Augusta K. Osborn. His father was an Inspector of Factories for HM government. Osborn first visited and then settled in St Ives in 1891 and he was an early member of St Ives Arts Club. His address in 1894 was in Manchester, but he was living and working in St Ives from The Terrace in 1895. He was a regular exhibitor at Show Day in St Ives and also exhibited in Liverpool, Manchester, Paris and the Royal Academy.

In 1896 Osborn married the artist Dorothy Worden. She had been a member of the St Ives Arts Clubs since 1893, and had been exhibiting locally and in Falmouth at the Royal Cornwall Poltechnic Society. The couple married in Exeter, and his exhibting address from around 1898 was in Exmouth. In 1906, after suffering for some time with facial neuralgia, he died in Chelsea, perhaps as a result of over-dosing on chloroform which he took to induce sleep.