Tuesdays and Thursdays are available in the gallery for workshops and visits.

We have a number of workshops exploring different themes. These sessions are led by one of our learning facilitators and last between 1.5-2 hours depending on age and ability.



A cost will be applied to the following:

Bespoke artist led workshops
These sessions are led by our artist educators and can be tailored to your own themes, inspired by our art collection. We recommend  a session of about 2 hours

Outreach workshops on a Friday.
If you are unable to visit the gallery this may be the option for you. We can create a workshop tailored to your needs or can run one of our programmed themed workshops.

Please contact Sarah to discuss further on 01326 313863 or


Explore the medium of watercolour in this practical workshop inspired by the work of Henry Scott Tuke and Charles Napier Hemy.

What viewpoints do the artists choose?

Can you imagine being out on the water in Hemy's floating studio keeping a steady hand while you draw?

If dry we will venture out onto Prince of Wales Pier to sketch. and on our return to the gallery we will apply some colour to your seascapes.
We have one of the largest print collections outside of London, so come and explore the art of printmaking. 

We can link this workshop to most topics you are studying and can adapt to suit different ages and abilities.
Have fun mixing colours and painting large geometric shapes and patterns.


We will look at work by Grace Gardner and Terry Frost.

Exploring colour theory we can investigate how to use colours to make an impact and to change the mood.

Flying creatures

Learn some simple mechanics and fly your own creature!
Get inspired from our collections of Myths and Legend pictures and automata, and create creatures from your imagination.

If the weather is fine you could take a trip to Kimberley Park for a picnic lunch and try out the automata made by our local makers, Rob Higgs, Paul Spooner and Keith Newstead.