FAMAG Rodney Peppe's World of invention, Compton Verney, 30 June - 30 September 2018

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valued by the artist 2018

About the frame

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A nineteenth-century Baroque-revival ogee frame; possibly Neapolitan; with convex top edge, ogee, and large astragal at the sight edge; probably re-gilded.

About the Artist

Filippo Palizzi was a leading artist in the 19th century realist tradition, and in the revival of Renaissance majolica design. He was born at Vasto, Italy, and became a pupil of Bonolisa at the Naples Academy. He travelled to Paris before coming President of the Naples Institute of Fine Arts. He was an accomplished history, genre, portrait, landscape and animal painter. You can see works by Palizzi at the National Gallery in Rome; the Gallery of Modern Art, Florence; Vasto cathedral; the Simu Museum, Budapest and the Rivoltella Museum in Trieste.