Clough, Prunella (1919-1999)

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An English painter and printmaker, Clough first attended Chelsea School of Art in 1938 but with the outbreak of World War 2 was employed as an engineer?s draughtsman and mapper from 1940-45. Her early work is characterised by proletarian imagery, labourers and urban landscapes using a narrow tonal range. In the 1950s Clough began to introduce plant motifs into the urban scenes. In 1951 she produced a number of etchings, lithographs and paintings of fishermen and dockers in London, East Anglia and the Midlands. The same year she was part of the Festival of Britain exhibition ?60 paintings of 51?. In the 1960s her work appeared freerer in terms of colour and scale while continuing her interest in the idea of ?edginess?. Towards the end of her career her work became largely abstract, whilst still retaining figurative elements. These pictures describe colourful objects in shallow space with playful tonal graduations that suggest movement. In 1999 Clough received the Jerwood Prize for Painting.