A forgotten friendship

27 Apr 2013 - 22 Jun 2013

When Christopher Wood (1901-1930) arrived in Paris in 1921, he had only just started to draw but knew he wanted to become one of England's greatest painters. There he met many great artists, including Pablo Picasso, as well as a young Englishman named Cedric Morris (1889 - 1982).

Wood and Morris attended the same art schools in Paris, painted the same models and drank in the same Montparnasse bars. When their student days drew to a close they both moved to London to further their artistic careers. For the next few years Morris and Wood became leading figures in the London art world where they were at the forefront of the avant-garde.

During this period Wood's friendship with Morris influenced his travels, his friends, his collectors and the exhibitions where his work was featured. Both artists painted in Cornwall and Brittany, and this exhibition shows a selection of their stunning and evocative landscapes alongside portraits of their mutual friends.
A Mascalls Gallery touring exhibition curated by Nathaniel Hepburn

Christopher Wood 'Women on the Sands, Treboul' 1929

Cedric Morris 'Landscape, Cornwall' 1923