BA Fine Art students exhibition

21 May 2015 - 11 Jul 2015

Falmouth Art Gallery has welcomed two groups from Falmouth University's Fine Art course recently to participate in a joint exhibition of prints and photography.

40 students came to visit the gallery to view our master print collection and gain inspiration for their own work. The artists they were most inspired by are included in their titles.

Their tutor Jesse Leroy Smith was himself inspired with the Hugh Stoneman print collection. " The master printmaker moved his workshop from London to Penwith and established a way of working with international artists and those based here. This became a shining example of the artistic collaboration, invention and technical brilliance that can flourish in printmaking workshops."

For the 'Museums at Night' event on Thursday 14th May a group of students came to view the current 'Question of Guilt' exhibition. They were particularly interested in performance, costume and photography in their developing art practices. Photographer James Hankey worked with them to create a series of images that emulated Victorian portraits.
The 'Look' group joined in also and a lively discussion ensued about the motivations artists have and how they communicate their ideas.

Museums at night. Fine Art students and members of the Look group.