Frequently Asked Questions About Our Collections:
Viewing the Collection

A number of our artworks in our collection are on display in our Gallery. The displays and exhibitions are changed frequently, to ensure that our audiences get to view new works during their visit. 

If you wish to see a work which is not on display, please email the collections team.
Borrowing from the Collection

We welcome requests to borrow works from the Collection for exhibitions in the UK and around the world.
Written loan requests can be sent via email.

We ask that requests should be submitted at least nine months before the opening date of the exhibition. 

We expect borrowers to meet all costs involved such as packing, insurance and transport. This could also include the costs of commercial storage and/or international freight. The Collection team can advise potential borrowers of likely costs.
Donating to the Collection

There is a process that Falmouth Art Gallery is bound to carry out. 
Please do not bring Artworks to the Gallery without prior appointment.

Falmouth Art Gallery has a strict Collections Development Policy to ensure that we are using our resources in the best possible way to deliver quality exhibition & displays and care and store the collection.

Falmouth Art Gallery does not accept unsolicited submissions of work to purchase.
Authenticating and Valuing Artworks

Falmouth Art Gallery cannot authenticate or value artworks for private individuals. 
You should contact a reputable art dealer or auction house.
Advice on Caring for and Conservation of Artwork

If you are looking for advice on how to look after your own artworks or need a conservator, please visit Icon - The Institute of Conservation
Reproducing Images from the Collection

If you would like to reproduce an image from the Collection, please email the collections team with the following information:

  • The project or publication you require the license for

  • Details of how image will be used: online/print, marketing/press etc.

  • The printed language(s)

  • The number of countries the project will be distributed or broadcast in

  • The estimated print run or number of transmissions you require rights for

  • The size of the reproduction, e.g. front cover, half-page, still for broadcast