Volunteering at Falmouth Art Gallery and our partners

Falmouth Art Gallery would not be able to function without its volunteers. The volunteers bring new skills and provide a welcome support to the staff and visitors.

Through our partnerships with Gyllngdune Gardens, Dracaena Centre and Falmouth Library, under the umbrella of Falmouth Cultural Services, we can now offer a wider range of opportunities.

Volunteer roles include: front of house visitor engagement, Family learning workshop assistants, digital marketing, film and photography and research. 

Volunteers come from a wide variety of backgrounds, such as University students, professional and non-professional retired volunteers, long term unemployed and those that may need extra support to return to the workplace. Contact us for more information to find the right role for you.

Take a look at our online volunteers portal on the link above

Email Tamsin for more information

"It's a privilege to reach back in to the past to produce biological and historical facts relating to artists, paintings and projects." Linda & Michael Bickford