Volunteering at Falmouth Art Gallery

Falmouth Art Gallery would not be able to function without its volunteers. The volunteers bring new skills and provide a welcome support to the staff and visitors. They help the gallery to deliver groundbreaking project work, as well as assist with the everyday running of the museum.

Volunteers come from a wide variety of backgrounds, such as students of museum studies courses, professional and non-professional retired volunteers, long term unemployed and those that may need extra support to return to the workplace.

Falmouth Art Gallery runs an active volunteer programme and sees it as very much part of its learning policy. It identifies the needs and career aspirations of volunteers, and tailors the work placement to an individual's requirements.

Due to staff on maternity leave in 2016, we will only be able to offer a limited range of activities for this year but please contact Tamsin or Glyn for more information. 01326 313863 or sales@falmouthartgallery.com

Alison Stott is re-accrediting as a Conservator, she has joined the Falmouth Art Gallery volunteer team to extend her collections based training.

"It's a privilege to reach back in to the past to produce biological and historical facts relating to artists, paintings and projects." Linda & Michael Bickford

Ian Martin has been volunteering at Falmouth Art Gallery since 2011. He is currently researching for a future exhibition on artists of the Lizard area in Cornwall and is also gathering information for the first world war centenary.

Laura Menzies has recently finished an MA in Fine Art at Falmouth University. She completed a one week graduate placement at Falmouth Art Gallery, researching social media, interpretation and education programmes. She currently supports education workshops for special needs groups whilst developing her own practice as a fine artist.

‘Volunteering has not only helped me to contribute to my local community but has also given me a great deal of pleasure and personal satisfaction.’ Pat Webster