FAMAG 1939.2

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Barker, Thomas Jones (1815-1882): Nelson receiving the swords on board the San Josef February 14 1797, engraver: Lewis, Charles G., printer: Davy and Sons, publisher: Leggatt, Hayward and Leggatt, dated 1853 (published), Inscribed with titles etc on the plate, steel engraving, 67.5 x 112 cms. Presented by Alfred A. de Pass.

About the Artist

Born to a family of artists known as the ?Barkers of Bath?, Jones Barker studied under Horace Vernet in Paris. He exhibited at the Paris Salon and was awarded the Legion d?Honneur for a painting depicting the Death of Louis XIV. In 1845 he set up in London as a painter of portraits and battle scenes. The Napoleonic, Crimean and Franco- Prussian wars were all featured in his work. He was a regular exhibitor at the Royal Academy until the late 1870s.