FAMAG 2008.26.15

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Browne, Piers: The Ure valley, Weslaydale, printer: Stoneman, Hugh (1947-2005), signed and dated 1981, etching (number 41 of an edition of 100), 76 x 57 cms. The Art Fund Hugh Stoneman Archive.

About the Artist

Browne is a romantic landscape artist, finding his expression in painting, music, poetry and theatre. Though he paints large oils, he is best known for his coloured etchings and monotone dry points. He received a classical art education at the Byam Shaw and Royal Academy Schools, also travelling around Europe, Africa and the Far East to study and paint. Browne was twice awarded the David Murray Landscape Prize and in November 2011 he was given the North of England regional prize in the Discerning Eye Show in London.