FAMAG 2008.26.16

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Butterworth, Elizabeth (born 1949): Molluccian Cockatoo, printer: Stoneman, Hugh (1947-2005), publisher: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, signed and dated 1986, etching (printer's proof), 68 x 48.5 cms. The Art Fund Hugh Stoneman Archive. We will credit the artist at all times.

About the Artist

Born in Rochdale, Lancashire, Butterworth went on to study at Rochdale School of Art, Maidstone School of Art and finally the Royal College of Art London. She is best known for capturing the brilliant plumage of macaws. Through her observations as a breeder, from her travels to the rainforest and studies at natural history museums, her work has developed a certain style of realism that has a surreal or super-real quality. It is this style that has caught the eye of critics and curators across the world.