FAMAG 2008.26.21

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Cooper, Thomas Joshua (born 1946): Arrival - The total eclipse of the sun farthest south west. The Celtic sea at the world's edge, Lands End, Cornwall, 11 August 1999, printer: Stoneman, Hugh (1947-2005), publisher: Michael Hue Williams Fine Art, signed and dated 11.8.1999, photogravure (printer's proof 1), 20.8 x 26.8 cms. Thomas Joshua Cooper; The Art Fund Hugh Stoneman Archive.

About the Artist

Born in California, Cooper has spent many of the past years in Scotland. He is the founding Head of Photography at Glasgow College of Art. Cooper travels extensively, preparing for days or weeks to capture a great photo. His works are meditative, almost philosophical images, printed by the artist in the 19th century manner using layers of silver and gold chloride.