FAMAG 2008.26.26

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Franquelo, Manuel (born 1950): From the series of 14 etchings - The language of things, printer: Stoneman, Hugh (1947-2005), publisher: Estampa digital, signed and dated 2002, Dust grain gravure and etching with chine colle (artist's proof 1), 54 x 58.1 cms. The Art Fund Hugh Stoneman Archive We must credit the artist at all times.

About the Artist

He is one of Spain?s most important photo-realism artists. Franquelo?s work surpasses photographic illusion to explore levels of mimic and resonance. His paintings are characterised by an obsession for detail and texture, using a variety of methods to transform paintings materials into the object it represents. His work can be found throughout some of the most prestigious collections in Spain.