FAMAG 2008.26.30

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Fulton, Hamish (born 1946): Bird Rock, 1988, printer: Stoneman, Hugh (1947-2005), publisher: Print Centre Publications, signed, photogravure (number 44 of an edition of 50), 63 x 43 cms. The Art Fund Hugh Stoneman Archive We will credit the artist at all times.

About the Artist

Born in London, Fulton studied at St Martin?s School of Art and the Royal College of Art. While studying he made several visits to the USA, becoming interested in presenting landscape as sculpture through photography. He does not leave any mark or intervention on the land; the communicative power comes from the resonant texts that accompany his work. The text gives selective details of place, time and distance, some including more subjective details of Fulton?s state of mind. He describes his work as passive protest against urban societies that alienate people from the world of nature.