Coudrille, Jonathon Xavier

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Trained as a painter, Coudrille started his career as a political satirist, songwriter and performer. His artwork has a strong association with Surrealism, having studied with John Tunnard and a close friend of Conroy Maddox. He has exhibited at the Harrogate Festival, Royal Academy, South West Academy and the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool. Coudrille is an honorary member of The Arts Club, Academician of the South West Academy of Fine and Applied Arts, a member of the Society of Authors as well as being an arts correspondent for Cornwall World Radio.

Coudrille lives in Cornwall, writing and performing with the jazz-oriented Cornish semi-acoustic band Gwelhelin Goth and is half of the Russian folk-music duo Muzika Muzikantov. His father, Francis Coudrill, was also a painter was best known for being the creator of the television puppet and cartoon character Hank the Cowboy, featured alongside Muffin the Mule.