Di Stefano, Arturo (born 1955)

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Born in Huddersfield, Di Stefano Fine Art at Liverpool Polytechnic, followed by Goldsmiths College 1974-77, the Royal College of Art 1978-81 and Academia Albertina in Turin 1985-86 having been awarded a government scholarship. He worked with Hugh Stoneman on projects such as ?Strands?, ?Atelier? and ?Smock Series?, produced using techniques such as photogravure and woodcut.

Di Stefano works with a variety of techniques from woodcut to painting and his subject matter is equally diverse, including portraits, landscapes and mythological themes. He has shown work at the National Portrait Gallery, Clifford Chance in New York and the Museum of London. He was commissioned by the National Portrait Gallery in 1996 and 2004 to paint portraits of Sir Richard Doll and Jan Morris. He has also written a number of articles and essays on artists such as Cezanne, Sickert, Picasso and sculptor Carl Plackman.