Frost, Sir Terry RA (1915-2003)

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Born in Leamington Spa, he attended evening classes in art from 16, working at various jobs mainly concerned with radio and electricity. He became an abstract painter after beginning in the Euston Road Group Realist tradition. Frost started painting while a prisoner of war in Germany 1943. 1946 he moved to St Ives, studying under Leonard Fuller, then went onto study at Camberwell School of Art from 1947. He was a member of the Penwith Society St Ives from 1950. He had his first solo show at the Leicester Galleries in London in 1952. Frost taught at the Bath Academy of Art from 1952 and Leeds College of Art from 1956-59. He was a member of the London Group from 1958, remained in St Ives till 1963 then moving to Banbury. He returned to Newlyn in 1974, elected into the Royal Academy in 1992 and knighted in 1998.