Falmouth Art Gallery has a vibrant exhibition programme. We change exhibitions regularly and hang works from our permanent collection alongside major museum loans, work from local artists, community groups, school children and students.


 Our art collection is large and eclectic for a small museum.  The works are rotated regularly in our entrance and main galleries and we work to variety of themes.


The staircase gallery is used for community displays. Groups such as Falcare, Age Concern, local schools and Falmouth University visit on a regular basis and create art in response to current exhibitions.


 Our limelight wall within the entrance gallery, is open to all aspiring and professional artists. To achieve a dynamic turnaround the space is changed weekly.


Contact Donna Williams for more information about Limelight: info@falmouthartgallery.com.


Kith and Kin 6 February - 16 April 2016

This show will examine the influence of families and friendships in art. Intimate family portraits and interiors will be hung alongside the work of inter-generational families of artists based in Cornwall.

Jerwood Drawing Prize 23 April - 4 June 2016

The Jerwood Drawing prize is the largest and longest running annual open exhibition for drawing in the UK, attracting over three thousand submissions in 2015.

Wreck and Ruin 11 June - 3 September 2016

Blistering barnacles! Captain Pugwash invites you to explore our surprising summer show. On display will be a quirky selection of wrecks and ruins, from Hogarth to Ben Nicholson.

Press Gang 24th September - 19th November 2016

We have a fabulous collection of prints at Falmouth and there is also a vibrant community of printmakers in Cornwall. This show will explore all aspects of printmaking and will even house our very own printmaking studio.