Jackson, Kurt (born 1961)

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Kurt Jackson was described by the distinguished art critic John Russel Taylor as 'one of the great originals of British painting' and he is Cornwall's most successful artist of his generation. He is an Oxford graduate of Zoology and travelled widely before settling in Cornwall in 1984.

For Jackson, the fleeting impression is not of interest- in all his paintings his aim is to convey his feelings and awareness of a particular environment that he knows intimately.

He frequently undertakes a body of work as a specific project such as 'The Cornish Hedge', 'Cornish Crows' and 'Theatre Five'- the latter recording the work of surgeon Paul Peyser as a witness to the 'secret' world of the operating theatre at the Royal Cornwall Hospital, Treliske, Truro.

He has for many years been recording the music festivals at Glastonbury and through his art has supported many charities such as Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth and Water Aid.

Kurt Jackson is one of Britain's leading painters. He was born in Blanford, Dorset, the son of two artists. He was encouraged from an early age to paint and draw. He grew up exploring the hedgerows and streams of his surroundings, often sketching the animals and insects he observed.

Before reaching university age Jackson has travelled extensively throughout the world, including the Amazon rainforest and the Arctic Circle. By his late teen he had developed his own affiliations to green politics and environmental issues. In 1984 he and his wife Caroline settled in Boscastle and in 1989 they moved to West Cornwall where they still live. He is a regular visitor to and supporter of Falmouth Art Gallery.