FAMAG 2008.31

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Blake, Sir Peter RA (born 1932): Babe Rainbow, publisher: Dodo Designs, lithoprint on tin plate, 66.5 x 44 cms.

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Blake was commissioned by Liz and Robin Farrow of Dodo Designs to produce a painting for reproduction on tinplate with the hope of making Pop Art ? more popular. Issued in an edition of 10,000, it initially sold for 15 shillings (75p) and was sold in their Nottinghill shop as merchandise. It is the first painting ever to be commissioned for reproduction as a picture on tin. Babe Rainbow is a fictional wrestler invented by the artist.

'She is twenty-three years old and has broken her nose in the ring. She was born in New Cross, London and wrestles mainly in Europe and the USA as there have only been a few contests between lady wrestlers in London.? - Sir Peter Blake