12 Sep 2009 - 07 Nov 2009

Darwin published in 1872 the best seller Expression of the Emotions in Man & Animals. This exhibition uses Darwin’s work to examine powerful images of expression. Featured will be a wide range of powerful images from an animal in anger to the more subtle expressions portrayed by leading portrait painters.

The gallery will link with Antique Roadshow expert, Philip Mould OBE to bring to Falmouth historical portraits of national importance - juxtaposed with award winning natural history photography

Supported by

  • The Heritage Lottery Fund
  • University College Falmouth

Fagin, Anthony (b.1938): Waved Albatross, photograph, 30 x 42 cms. Presented by the artist as part of the Heritage Lottery Fund's Darwin 200 celebrations.

Mazur, Oxana (born 1979): Emotion, signed and dated 2008, inscribed 1/75, photograph, 59.5 x 42.2 cms. Presented by the artist.