Here you will find details of our learning offer, we have a number of free workshops drawing inspiration from our permanent collection. All of these workshops can be adapted appropriately for the age and ability of your group. We are happy to work flexibly within these themes to fit your topic.

Feel free to call us to discuss.


Autumn/Winter 2023 : Line

Picture of Webb, Mary (born 1939): Van D'elsa IV, signed and dated 2008, oil on canvas, 61 x 60.5 cms. Presented by Priseman, Robert.. FAMAG 2013.8.20
Van D'elsa IV
Our current exhibition explores the use of Line in visual arts, through, drawing, painting, printmaking and photography. Come down this autumn/winter to use a variety of art materials, to experiment, invent and make your own artworks inspired by the art on the walls!
Book a 1.5hr free workshop by emailing


If you are unable to visit the gallery and would like a learning practitioner to visit your class you can either book one of our themed workshops or look through our art collection online to choose an image to work from. If possible we will try to bring the original work into your classroom. 

All our workshops are from 1.5-2hrs respective of age and ability.

If you are unsure of how our collection could be made relevant to your topic or have a project in mind that you would like to discuss, please do not hesitate to contact me-Sarah Scott on a Tuesdays-Thursdays on 01326 313863 or


We are keen to welcome early years groups and create workshops around topics such as Animal Allsorts, People and Faces, Nature and Seaside. A multi-sensory approach will include exploring the gallery, making, doing, stories and music. Please contact the gallery for a particular topic you wish to cover.


We are very lucky at Falmouth Art Gallery to have one of the largest printmaking collections outside of London. Come and explore the art of printmaking and try your hand at press-printing, mono-prints, repeat pattern printing, the possibilities and inspiration are endless and we can link to most themes, so please get in touch to discuss booking a workshop! The workshop will be adapted according to age and ability.


Explore watercolour techniques in this practical workshop inspired by Henry Scott Tuke and Charles Napier Hemy's watercolours.

What view points have the artist's chosen to paint from? Can we recognise the view?

When weather permits we can venture out onto the Pier and try our hand at sketching en Plein Air. We can then return to the gallery and add a splash of colour to those masterpieces.


Have you ever imagined what stories lie behind paintings? Let's explore and create new ones... In this workshop you will view some of our narrative paintings and then create your own characters and plot through discussion and drama. There will also be an element of practical art work.


Come face to face with some of our favourite people in the gallery collection and have a go at posing..Explore facial expressions and body movements through drama and literary activities. Take turns being both artist and model as you draw each other.


'Collage allows the opening up of conscious, which is very's also a way of looking at what you are consuming all the time.' John Stezaker

Many artists have explored the medium of collage as a creative expression. We have a number of influential artists in our collection to look at including Harry Ousey and Grace Gardner and you can use these as a starting point to create your own college.



Learn some simple mechanics and create your own flying creature. Inspired by our images of myths and legends, design a creature from your wildest imagination.
If the weather is fine you could venture into Kimberley park for a picnic lunch and see the automaton made by local artists, Rob Higgs, Paul Spooner and Keith Newstead.

We have a more in-depth automata workshop which encompasses a visit to the gallery to draw and study the mechanics of our automata collection, followed by a full day workshop designing and making your own automaton. This workshop costs £5 per pupil


"There are always flowers for those who want to see them" Henri Matisse

Using colour and organic forms we can create wonderful art works inspired by great artists such as Matisse and Grace Gardener. These workshops are playful and fun, developing an understanding of the power of colour to influence mood and play with perception.



Explore how Falmouth has been depicted in art and create new versions, highlighting landmarks of our town. In this workshop you will see several paintings by Falmouth artists and explore different techniques and styles.
The session will include some group discussion and literacy work before creating pictures in mixed media. Weather permitting we may pop down to the Prince of Wales Pier to make some observational drawings.



From cool calm water to powerful, crashing waves, our evocative seascape paintings capture Cornwall's moods.
We will look at art work by Hemy and Tuke and create our own textured impressions of the sea with titles to describe the mood.

Source to Sea

Follow the river Fal from source to sea. Through the use of maps, underwater photography, paintings and drawings we can discover the heritage and ecology of our river Fal. This workshop can include a range of creative activities.